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About anne

Dear Friends,

When did I fall in love with the world of Art? At 5. My mom enrolled me in ballet and my first dance recital included a squirrel tutu and ruby red lips. I really loved the lipstick. I stayed in Ballet through high school. But at the same time, I took art every year. I still have the native american design hooked rug wall hanging I made when I was a junior in high school. More than 40 years later, it’s still on my wall.

My education in college took me from Mayan Cave Art in Central America to the ruins at the Palace of Minos on Crete. I got my degree in Art History. I also took some art classes at the same time. After undergraduate school, I went to Graduate School in Community Arts Management. I was fortunately given the opportunity to help artists show off their musical and artistic talents by coordinating many art festivals in North Carolina and in the in the Pacific Northwest.

Following my arts management career, I once again found my self in college to study architecture. I began “creating” as an architect. I received my masters in architecture and worked in the field for 13 years.

In 2000, I decided to take another turn around the arts field and studied photography. I became a professional photographer for 12 years.

In 2013, I started taking jewelry making classes, wire mesh mentorships with Lanny Bergner and Eric Boyer. I fell in love with wire mesh. I now create wire mesh lighting, sculpture and jewelry. What a fun life this has been. One of my favorite and most fulfilling thing to do is to give some of my art to deserving people - young and old.

Of course, I would not have been able to succeed if it had not been for my wonderful, crazy husband and talented, artistic child.

I create my work in a little studio over looking a small lake outside of Seattle. I have a lovely garden and two nutty dogs.

My handmade art is born spontaneously from my imagination. I am so lucky to be able to share the uniqueness of my art with you! I hope you can see that when you review my website. Please enjoy my three wire mesh studios and Experimental Art Lab. Come back whenever you need a little boost of creativity, passion and inspiration.